Professional reception for medical professionals

Project Description

Organizers of medical exhibitions count on the highest standard of hospitality services during international conferences. Medical professionals with an international background gather to participate in workshops, lectures, network events etc. During these they expect a, more then, excellent accompaniment on location.

Brandwise is, as preferred partner of RAI Amsterdam, the designated partner for a perfect reception and accompaniment of medical professionals in the RAI Amsterdam. The extensive portfolio with successfully supported medical conferences enables Brandwise to have the expertise in delivering hospitality services with highest degree of excellence.

Supported medical conference include a.o.:

The Brandwise quality stands out through:
Extensive staff database with professional candidates
– energetic and excellent presentation
– socially skillful with excellent knowledges of languages (business English)
Pro-active deployment of project manager on-site
– continuous supervision of quality (during start and execution)
– flexibility in deployment (direct adaptation to factual situation)
Detailled knowledge of location RAI Amsterdam
– traffic flow of visitors on location
– insight to bottlenecks and hot spots based on experience

The Brandwise personnel database can facilitate up to hundreds of candidates per day. Off course with preservation of qualilty of the staff and structure in project management.

Project Details

Tags: Beurzen en congressen

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