A fashionable reception

Project Description

Brandwise has an extensive experience in the staffing of specific profiles for a remarkable reception. Especially when an organization, location or event has a distinctive character it can be necessary to make the reception more fitting or in line with that distinctive character. For example, Brandwise has staffed the reception of the “ModeFabriek” (FashionFactory), an organizer of (fashion)events in Amsterdam. For a close fit to the fashionable character specific hosts and hostesses were casted to execute the hospitality on location.

For this specific casting the required profiel was compiled in cooperation with De ModeFabriek. In this case it was necessary that the candidates showed a “fashionable character”. Off course in combination with a professional and hospitable personality. Based on the criteria a number of selections was made until the desired “cast” was assembled.

Brandwise has a large database with candidates and a comprehensive experience in hospitality. From experience in Interaction Marketing Brandwise also has an expertise in activation: adding of experience to the interaction. This allows us to also support your events and festivals with more the hospitality services. For example, we are also able to provide entertainers, presenters, actors, models and dancers. Off course is a combined execution also possible. Actors or entertainers can provide a reception for remarkable experience.

Project Details

Tags: Beurzen en congressen

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